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In the Presence

A man named Jacob once awoke after dreaming of angels ascending and descending to heaven, and said 'How awesome is this place! This is none other than the gate of heaven.’

I seek to create a safe and sacred space for my directees where they can be their true selves and reflect on their encounters with the divine, however they name and experience it. I believe that every person is the image of God, irrespective of ethnicity, gender identity and expression, or whom they love.

As someone with years of experience in both the Christian and Buddhist traditions, I find intersectionality and integration with all life to be life-giving. 

I invite you to join in a journey of awe at what the holy offers us, moment by moment. Currently I meet with folks on Zoom, which means you could be anywhere in the world that can support video meetings.

Please read the Spiritual Direction page for more information.


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